Pride Documentary


Frederick County is a conglomerate of small towns and communities each with their own unique qualities.  “PRIDE” is a documentary about a community, the people and it’s football. Produced by Bottomline Video & Creative Group, the production highlights the values of the communities which are comprised of the Middletown valley and its long and proud history. The genesis for the documentary is the overwhelming pride stemming for and from the community and the successful, hard knocks football program. The core of the documentary, which runs 78 minutes in length, is the football program. The program touches on the early beginnings, through the MVAA and into the high school program. “PRIDE” includes game footage from decades past, interviews from current and former football players and coaches dating from the early 1970’s to present day. “PRIDE” provides a valuable perspective to the values that have shaped this community for decades and offers insight to a football program that has grown in success.